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  • I downloaded the website but when I view it in browser it doesn’t show properly?
    Please upload the files to your web server and view online. This is because pages are in .php format, which requires a hosting environment.
  • Can you provide in HTML format instead?
    Unlike PHP files, HTML files do not support file linking within the content. PHP files instead allow us to pull other pages within the same page, thus allowing us to separate the content from the code. As a result it’s a lot easier for the user to customize the template. Since you don’t have to edit the parts that have a lot of codes.


  • What’s the license for the free templates? Can I use them for commercial purposes?
    Our free templates areĀ MIT license, and yes you can use them for commercial purposes.
  • Do I have to link to your website?
    No, but it’s always a welcome gesture.
  • Can I resell your templates?
    No, you cannot resell the templates. It’s only for your own usage.
  • Will you be releasing premium templates?
    Yes, we plan to release premium templates in the future.
  • Can I submit my templates to your website?
    Unfortunately we are not accepting any 3rd party templates to the website at this moment.